Jun 04

A description on how to setup SSL with AwareIM comes from GregK, Kaplan Design.

Although this describes the steps required on Windows it should basically work on Linux and Mac too. Continue reading »

Apr 14

One of the most exciting features of AwareIM is it’s execution Context.
Once you’ver understood how this magic “Execution Context” is formed  most data processing is a snap. I assume that you’ve read and (mostly) understood the section “How Context is Formed” from the AwareIM documentation. Continue reading »

Mar 27

Inline editing objects is a nice feature. The only limitation is that the current version of AwareIM (2.2 at the time of this writing) has no direct way to enable this for top level objects. But with some tweaking it can be accomplished easily as show in the following screen. Continue reading »

Mar 15

AwareIM contains the ability to import data using a .csv file. However this approach is sometimes a little bit annoying. Continue reading »

Mar 03

I’ve put together a short reference folder containing all AwareIM functions. It’s meant for double sided printing on A4.

It doesn’t contain detailed descriptions on how to use a function. There’s only the name, an example of usage and somethimes a short note. The data comes from the AwareIM Help System.

PDF-Version OpenOffice Version

Feb 13

Looks like a common scenario, but there are some pitfalls … Continue reading »

Jan 18

In order to prevent the users from using the browser’s back button use this login page.

Simply replace …/AwareIM/Tomcat/webapps/AwareIM/index.html with the following. Continue reading »

Jan 18

using MySQL “almost” works out of the box but not with MySQL 4.1 on linux Continue reading »

Jan 16

Setting a longer session timeout value requires to change 2 files
These are $awareimroot$/bin/BASServer.props and $awareimroot$/Tomcat/webapps/AwareIM/webapp.props.
SessionTimeout is a value given in milliseconds. This means that
gives a timeout of 3600 seconds or 1 hour.

Jan 16

When calling the http://localhost:8080/AwareIM without logon.do, logon.jsp or whatever a directory listing is shown to the user. Continue reading »

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