Dec 08

As you might have noticed we stopped the development MyAccess. However there are still people using MyAccess.

  • Version 1.6.2beta now exists as a version for Access 2002 and Access 2003.
    If you are using 1.6.1 and everything works then there’s NO need for changing to 1.6.2beta.
    This version only fixes compatipility issues related to MS-Access.
  • If you want to make modifications to MyAccess then the current source code file is here.
    Maybe someone would be so nice and test/port it to Access2007- Thanks !
    If you make any modifications then I’d be happy if you share the code.
  • If you want to make modifications then please open the .mdb file and keep the <shift> button pressed. Now take a look at the autoexec macro or call from the direct window (ctrl-g) myaccess_start

Before trying MyAccess please make sure that MS-Access talks to your MySQL Server using MyODBC.
Otherwise it's completly useless trying MyAccess!

In case you suffer from a Error 40230 then it's most likeley that you need to run a decompile. How to do that is described here


Jan 18

MyAccess is an AddIn for MS Access which allows you to manage MySQL databases from within Access.

We stopped selling MyAccess . Now we give it away for free !
New Version 1.6.2beta
If you want to use Version 1.6.1 then please use 805-041-3021 as RegCode.


Main functions are:

  • Create/Modify Tables
  • Execute Queries against MySQL
  • Synchronize tables between Access and MySQL
  • Import/Export tables from Access to MySQL and vice versa
  • Log Changes
  • Database Documentation Report Continue reading »
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