Aug 18

For accessing the i18n messages provided under the Application Outline / Localization entry use something like.
import de.tif.jacob.i18n.I18N;

Jul 01

Integrating Birt Reports into OpenJacob is quite straightforward but note that (at the time of this writing) you need Birt Version 2.5 !

  1. When creating the report’s datasource you have to use the same name you use in your jACOB application. Otherwise jACOB will not be able to use your Report.
  2. Create your report and specify the required parameters.
  3. When having finished your report, upload the .rptdesign file to a document field in your application. (e.g. a config table)
  4. The following code opens the report, hands over a parameter and returns a .pdf
	BirtReport rpt = new BirtReport(cnfrec.getDocumentValue("report"));
	rpt.setParameterValue("mypar", currentRecord.getStringValue("pkey"));
	byte[] barr = rpt.createPDF();
	context.createDocumentDialog(null, "doc.pdf", barr).show();
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