Nov 12

Jun 07

Whenever you need to talk with a ModBus device, take look at ModPoll. ModPoll runs on virtually any Platform and is able to talk over RS232, RS485 and TCP. The only drawback is that it can only read data (but not write).

The Advantech Adam 6015 has 7 input channels for use with Pt100 and others. You can configure the module using a proprietary Windows Software where you can set the type of thermocouple as well as the module’s IP address. Once the module is available on your network you can create a small bash script to retrieve the values. Continue reading »

Jun 07

Just in case you have a friend that looses the fight against a foreign digicam and accidentially deletes all pictures…….

Then you should be able to give him the link to
Because TestDisk is a outstanding piece of software that is able to recover really almost everything ;-)

Feb 04

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