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MyAccess is an AddIn for MS Access which allows you to manage MySQL databases from within Access.

We stopped selling MyAccess . Now we give it away for free !
New Version 1.6.2beta
If you want to use Version 1.6.1 then please use 805-041-3021 as RegCode.


Main functions are:

  • Create/Modify Tables
  • Execute Queries against MySQL
  • Synchronize tables between Access and MySQL
  • Import/Export tables from Access to MySQL and vice versa
  • Log Changes
  • Database Documentation Report

—- Features —-

  • Allows you to open/create modify MySQL tables from within Access without having to know anything about SQL
  • Connects tables from MySQL to your Access database, so that you can work with them just as they were Access tables
  • Exports tables from Access to MySQL. Therefore the Access table will be created on the server and the data will be transferred using an append query created by MyAccess
  • Allows you to synchronize tables between Access and MySQL
  • Imports tables from MySQL into Access
  • Allows you to extract ‘create table scripts’ which can be used to transfer the tables definition onto another MySQL server (running on a different operating system)
  • You can execute queries (no matter whether they return records or not) against the server and store the query to a file
  • View a ‘Change-Log’ with commands executed against the server in the past
  • You can show a database documentation report from MyAccess
—- History—-

Changes Version 1.6.1

  • Fixed a bug caused by a modified DSN syntax in MyODBC

Changes Version 1.6

  • Added an options dialog
  • lots of internal changes towards MyAccess 2.0

Changes Version 1.5.2

  • Fixed a bug that chrashed MyAccess with Err: “Object Show Tables already exists”
  • Acc2MySQL didn’t recognice some characters that are allowed in Access but not in MySQL

Changes Version 1.5

  • Improved Query handling
  • When adding new fields to a tables the user can specify where they.ll be inserted
  • Fields are shown in the same order as they appear in the databases and aren.t sorted by name any more
  • The options of a table can be modified if one uses MySQL 3.23 or above
  • A function that allows syncing records between Acc and MySQL has been added
  • The manual is now more specific and comes as a pdf

Changes Version 1.4

  • Data Type Mapping for Acc2MySQL added. And you can specify if True/False is translated to -1/0 or +1/0
  • Function added to check for broken references which cause troubles to some users
  • Table script can now build a ‘CREATE TABLE’ for the entire database
  • Function added to delete all records from a table

Changes Version 1.3

  • Database Documentation Report added

Changes Version 1.2

  • Acc2MySQL doesn’t need an append query anymore
  • Acc2MySQL can now transfer several tables with 1 run
  • In some situations MyAccess caused the CPU load to go up to 100% – fixed
  • Tables can be opened by a Double Click now

Changes Version 1.1

  • Tables can be importet from MySQL into Access
  • Tables can be exportet from Access to MySQL

Changes Version 1.01

  • Each window (except the main window) can be opened several times
  • Multiple field indexes are now supportet
  • ‘Create Table Scripts’ can be extracted from an existing table
  • Now you can see all the commands you sent to the server in a log-table
  • SQL commands can be executed directly from MyAccess
  • flush-tables is now executed automatically before changing a table.
  • Version for Access2000 in addition to Access97

—- FAQ —-

ODBC Call Failed – User cancelled

For some reason using MyODBC 3.51.12 drops this error message when trying to connect using MyAccess. Please use MyODBC 3.51.11-2 instead. This Version is known to work perfectly

When I try to create a new data source the list doesn’t contain MySQL

You have to install MyODBC available from www.mysql.com

When trying to …….. I get the error xxxxx: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] … error in ….

You didn’t use MyODBC when creating the ODBC data source. “Correct” error messages sound like xxxxx: [TCX][MyODBC] … error in ….
MyAccess can only be used against MySQL databases using MyODBC

Form fields show #DELETED after adding a record

The problem lies somewhere between Access MyODBC and MySQL. I didn’t find a real solution for this problem. I know that this happens mostly with continuos forms.
What you can do is to requery the form after adding a new record by code. In order to find the last added record you can use the MySQL function LastInsertID()

Sometimes I need to kill Access using Ctrl-Alt-Del when using MyAccess

An Access-AddIn (like MyAccess) runs in the same address space as your Access application. Stopping the code whithin your application with MyAccess open causes MyAccess to stop too
It is not possible to detect if you stop the execution of “your” code – and therefore MyAccess isn’t able to shut down and clean up correctly SORRY !

I’ve lost my license number

Basically no problem. Tell us your name and company or email address that you used when ordering your MyAccess license. We’ll re-send it as soon as possible.  OBSOLETE use 805-041-3021

—- Download —-

MyAccess 1.6.1

(also included in MyAccess_xxx.zip)

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